BAGET RUTE606 (ÇİFT), Length: 16-1/8". Handle diame

BAGET RUTE606 (ÇİFT), Length: 16-1/8
BAGET RUTE606 (ÇİFT), Length: 16-1/8
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211,99 TL
Havale / EFT:
201,39 TL
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Rute & Talawands

For the Rute player who prefers a rubber handle and fixed position band. Designed for all-around playing. With 19 dowels (.125").

For a sound that's in-between sticks and brushes.

Vic Firth Fixed Position Band Rute is for rute players who prefer the balanced feel of a rubber handle and fixed position dowel band. Designed for all-around playing, Rutes allow drummers to play at lower volumes than solid sticks while still playing aggressively. Especially effective for unplugged settings, country train beats and for creating distinctive timbres. With 19 dowels (.125"). Length: 16-1/8". Handle diameter: .590"

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